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susan louise o’connor: outer critics circle nominee

Guess who got a nomination for her side splitting turn in Blithe Spirit today???



The Lounge Series – Adam Szymkowicz’s Elsewhere

Packawallop Productions is proud to kick off The Lounge Series.

Lounge Logo

The Lounge Series is a program of new works of film and theater presented throughout the year in the style you’ve come to expect from Packawallop – stylish, sassy … and, naturally, with some cocktails.

Please join us at our first Lounge on Monday April 20th where we will present Adam Szymkowicz’s new play “Elsewhere” which was specially written for Packawallop Community Artists Susan Louise O’Connor, Polly Lee and Travis York. It will be directed by Scott Ebersold.

“When Teddy comes to Celia’s house to deliver a package, he doesn’t expect to be invited for dinner. When he comes to dinner, he doesn’t expect to be invited to live there. When he starts to live there, he doesn’t expect to be drugged or buried. And he certainly doesn’t expect Amanda, nor she him. A play about the unexpected, unearthed and elsewhere.”

Reservations are essential, please email to secure a seat.

We look forward to seeing you there!



brava, susan louise o’connor

Our own Susan Louise O’Connor is stealing the show in Broadway’s Blithe Spirit!  If you haven’t seen it yet, please do!  It’s witty, crisp and delightful.  Oh, yeah, and there’s someone named Angela Lansbury in the show and we thought she was pretty good too!

“But one of the most remarkable performances comes from Susan Louise O’Connor as the Condomines’ new maid, Edith.”–Hartford Courant

“Susan Louise O’Connor is a delightfully polished screwball in the small but crucial role of an inept maid.”–The New York Times

“Susan Louise O’Connor, playing the Condomines’ maid Edith, also proves to be a marvelous physical comedienne, as the mentally slow, but overly eager to please, Edith rushes through her duties around the living room.”–American Theater Web

“Susan Louise O’Connor steals each of her scenes as the jittery maid. In this company, that’s saying something”–Backstage

“Susan Louise O’Connor, as the hapless maid, nearly steals the show with her slapstick physical comedy.”–Hollywood Reporter

“The craftiest little scene-stealer on the premises is Edith the maid, who comes in two speeds — lunge and lope. She is played by a Broadway-debuting Susan Louise O’Connor.”–


artistic community members polly lee and crystal skillman at rising phoenix!

Come check out the new show by our pals at Rising Phoenix!!!  And show lots of love to our very own Polly Lee and Crystal Skillman!

A new play by Crystal Skillman
Directed by Daniel Talbott

Featuring MacLeod Andrews, Jessica Dickey, Kathryn Kates, Polly Lee, Haynes Thigpen, and Molly Ward

Thursday February 19th
Friday February 20th
Saturday February 21st
Monday February 23rd
Tuesday February 24th
Thursday February 26th
Friday February 27th
Saturday February 28th

All performances at 6pm
Please note: no performance on Wed. or Sun.

“Commissioned and written specifically for the moody and extremely intimate close quarters in the basement space of downtown restaurant Jimmy’s No. 43 [at 43 East Seventh Street], Skillman has written a play in which six people come together, each for their own reasons, at a restaurant on the Lower East Side,” according to Rising Phoenix. “Obsessively going over the events of the day, they grasp at trying to come to terms with their disjointed lives and their singular, unsettling dream.” – Playbill article, Kenneth Jones


susan louise o’connor cast in broadway’s blithe spirit!

Packawallop Company Member Susan Louise O’Connor has been cast in Broadway’s Blithe Spirit revival with Christine Ebersole and Angela Lansbury!

Check out the article in Playbill.


alejandro morales part of the emerging writers group evenings at the public!

A ten minute excerpt of Alejandro Morales’s the october crisis (last seen at this year’s Fringe Festival) will be part of the Public Theater’s 2 evening festival of works by 2008’s Emerging Writer’s Group!  The writers in this group are sensational, so do check out both nights!


the moment screening!

We will be having a special screening of our new film project The Moment on February 6th!  To obtain your tickets please email with your name and the names of the people in your party.  There are a limited number of seats.  Reservations are absolutely essential.  (NYU security has informed us they will not allow anyone to enter the building without a reservation.)

We’re excited about the film and hope to see you soon!

NYU Tisch School of the Arts,
lower level, room 018

A special invitation-only screening of Packawallop’s new short film, The Moment.

We will open the evening by presenting another Adam Szymkowicz short film, The Question, directed by Sam Buggeln.

Immediately following join us for post-screening drinks at Swift, 34 E 4th St.

The Moment

When Jane goes in to talk to her boss, in a instant of clarity, she notices something different in him that she never saw before.  He sees it too in her.  A new world opens up for them.  Anything could be possible if they could just hold onto that moment.

Susan Lousie O’Connor

Jeff Biehl

Directed by
Scott Eberold

Written by
Adam Szymkowicz

Produced by
Lauren Fritz
Scott Ebersold
Marc Solomon

Director of photography
Greg Emetaz

Edited by
Andrew York McNown

Sound and Music design by
Ryan Maeker

Art Direction by
Nicholas Vaughan and Kate Rusek

Costume, Hair and Make-up design by
Kate Rusek

Script Supervisor
Barry Paul Hitchcock

Craft Services and Production Assistance
Jennie Crotero

Packawallop Productions, Inc.
Scott Ebersold and Alejandro Morales, Artistic Directors
Susan Louise O’Connor, Marc Solomon, Polly Lee, Board of Directors

About Packawallop Productions

Packawallop Productions is a non-profit theater and film production company. At the heart of Packawallop’s values is a belief that the conventions inherent in theater and film reveal truths about the nature of human relations, especially when dealing with issues of sexuality, gender and culture. Packawallop is an artistic home for artists who want to create new productions via a rigorous aesthetic investigation of the media of theater and film. It is also a home for audiences who wish to explore these issues in exciting and surprising ways. Both the artists and audiences involved with the work will make discoveries about themselves and the world around them as a result. We consider our audience as part of our collaborative community and we treat each show as an extended cocktail party.

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