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The Lounge Series 2010 starts off with Kari Bentley Quinn’s UNBLESSED

Please join us at Jimmy’s 43 to raise a glass, share some food and hear a new play at our first Lounge Series event of 2010.

The Lounge Series: No. 1
a staged reading of a new play by Kari Bentley-Quinn*
directed by Laura Pestronk*

In small town Nebraska, a young woman named Jenny shows up at the doorstep of her estranged best friend Tina after she was drugged and raped by someone who offered her a ride home from work. When Jenny is denied emergency contraception by a pharmacist for religious reasons, the consequences affect both the women’s lives more than either of them bargained for.

Unblessedwas written over the last year and workshopped at our monthly Pack meetings.  We are so excited to share it with you and hear what you think.

Featuring:  Gayton Scott*, Kat Garson, Polly Lee*, Gerald Kimble, Mark Watson, Christina Shipp* and Julian Stetkevych*.

Tuesday, January 12
7:00 PM

Jimmy’s 43
43 East 7th Street

Food wine and beer are available.  We hope to see you there!

For reservationsplease email

*indicates Pack Member


marea opens tonight!

Marea tells the story of Maria, a woman obsessed with classic Italian cinema, chianti and photography.  As her relationship with her partner Claudia unravels, she begins hearing noises behind a mysterious locked door in their apartment.  Soon, the appearance of a mysterious woman wielding a straight razor, a surprise visit from her maniacally religious grandmother, and a laced cup of tea unravel Maria’s reality and send her on a hallucinogenic journey from New York to Miami to Havana to discover the truth behind a tragic family secret.

4 performances only!


Scott Ebersold and Alejandro Morales, Artistic Directors

a work in progress presentation of

a play by Alejandro Morales
directed by Scott Ebersold

Maria-Christina Oliveras*
Polly Lee*
Maggie Bofill*
Judith Delgado*

scenic design by Jo Winiarski
costume design by Jennifer Paar
lighting design by Scott Bolman
video and projection design by Daniel Heffernan
sound design by Brandon Wolcott
properties by Buist Bickley
production stage management by Josh Parken-Ring*
casting by Judy Bowman
production management by Julian Stetkevych
assistant director Laura Pestronk

artistic associates:
Marc Solomon
Susan Louise O’Connor
Polly Lee
Julian Stetkevych

*appears courtesy of Actors Equity

When a mysterious woman wielding a straight razor appears in Maria’s apartment, reality unravels and she is sent on a hallucinogenic journey from New York to Miami to Havana to discover the truth behind a tragic family secret.

December 3, 4, 5 at 7PM
December 6 at 2PM
Tickets $18

for tickets: or call 212-352-3101


the moment at the gotham film festival!

Packawallop wants to invite you to check out a screening of our film The Moment at the Gotham Film Festival October 22!

This is our first video project in a while and we’re very excited to share it with an audience at last!

Directed by Scott Ebersold and written by Adam Szymkowicz it stars Jeff Biehl and Outer Critics Circle Nominee and Theater World Award Winner for Blithe Spirit Susan Louise O’Connor.

Packawallop Productions
Scott Ebersold and Alejandro Morales, Artistic Directors


The Moment
a film by Scott Ebersold

a short film featuring Susan Louise O’Connor & Jeff Biehl
written by Adam Szymkowicz

Produced by Lauren Fritz, Scott Ebersold and Marc Solomon
Director of Photography Greg Emetaz
Edited by Andrew McNown
Sound and Music Design by Ryan Maeker
Art Direction by Nicholas Vaughan and Kate Rusek
Script Supervisor Barry Paul Hitchcock
Craft Services and Production Assistance Jennie Crotero

Special Thanks Barry and Pamela Elisofon

“When Jane goes in to talk to her boss, in an instant of clarity, she notices something different in him that she never saw before. He sees it too in her. A new world opens up for them. Anything could be possible if they could just hold on to that moment.”

Thursday October 22
Tribeca Cinemas
54 Varick Street

Tickets $10


marea inspirations

As we gear up for our upcoming presentation of marea, we’ll be updating this blog with lots of information about the project.

First off, marea is a play about a woman piecing together her identity and family history. One of the ways she does this is via her connection to two very different movies that came out in 1960, L’Avventura and Black Sunday (or La maschera del demonio).

Michelangelo Antonioni’s landmark film L’Avventura is basically the story of Claudia (played by Monica Vitti) whose best friend Anna (Lea Masari) mysteriously disappears off an island off the coast of Sicily.  Drawn together by their loss, Claudia and Anna’s lover Sandro begin a love affair.  Throughout the film Claudia is positioned against the privileged set that Anna and Sandro ran with and witnesses the spiritual emptiness of their world.  Antonioni masterfully used composition, editing . . . and of course the massive narrative jump of Anna’s disappearance to jolt the viewer’s perceptions and expectations.  It is a film that challenges the way we see things . . . and one in which our heroine is constantly observing . . .in fact, her back is often to the camera as she too watches the scene unfolding on the screen before us.  In marea, Maria is obsessed with Anna’s disappearance on the island, constantly turning the scene in her mind until it is no longer about Antonioni’s film, but about her life.

Mario Bava’s Black Sunday on the other hand is a gothic masterpiece that has gone on to influence many directors, most notably Tim Burton (whose Sleepy Hollow often feels like an homage to this film).  The film is about Vajda family and the curse laid upon them by their ancestor Asa, a witch who was executed in a very grisly way in the film’s prologue.  Asa and her virtuous descendant Katia are both played by Barbara Steele, lending the film a Jungian vibe with both Asa and Katia being two sides of the same coin (in fact, Asa hisses to Katia at one point “we are the same.”).  While tame by today’s horror movie standards, the film is chock full of rich imagery and atmosphere, which was part of Bava’s signature style.  The camera spends a great deal of time analyzing Asa’s face which is disfigured by the spiked mask that was nailed to it during her execution.  In marea, Maria’s partner Claudia is a fan of Bava and this film in particular.  Her revelation of this to Maria speeds up the creepy happenings Maria is experiencing as a her past begins to literally haunt her . . . and eventually sweep her away into a hallucination that feels like it was lifted from an old black and white horror film.


Packawallop seeking positions for upcoming workshop

Packawallop Productions is seeking 2 positions for its upcoming mulit-media workshop production of “marea”. The tech and public presentations will run over one week – November 30-December 6. Pre-production will begin in September.

1. A Technical Director: The TD will be responsible for the smooth application of all technical elements of the production, organizing and implementing the set build, load-in, and strike as well as being the point person for communication between the venue and all technical aspects of the production. As this is off-off-broadway, the budget is modest but there is a fee. It is a great resume and networking opportunity for an up-and-coming TD.

2. Production Stage Manager

3. Stage Manager

Please send a cover letter and resume to, and indicate which position you are interested in.

Please pass this along to anyone you think might be interested.


william bell photos

thanks to everyone who came out to support our production of william bell!  it was a lovely little show and we’re very proud of it!

here are some photos we took after the last performance.  enjoy!

julian stetkevych and michael tisdale

david grimm and julian stetkevych

julian stetkevych and david grimm

julian stetkevych

julian stetkevych

julian stetkevych

julian stetkevych

david grimm

david grimm

david grimm

david grimm

david grimm

david grimm

julian stetkevych and david grimm

julian stetkevych and david grimm

michael tisdale

michael tisdale


william bell at melvillepalooza!!

image courtesy of Robert Schatz

image courtesy of Robert Schatz

packawallop will present a workshop production of alejandro morales’s william bell directed by scott ebersold at the metropolitan playhouse as part of the melville festival featuring david grimm, michael tisdale and julian stetkevych.

in a not too distant future, after an economic collapse, luxury liners shelter the very rich from the squalor of the cities. summoned by his superior lucas brown, william bell must entertain edwards, a drunk passenger. in a dark bar on board the ship, the connections between all three men is illuminated forcing them all to confront what they desire and what they’ll never possess. inspired by melville’s billy budd.

friday, january 16 at 10pm
sunday, january 18 at 1pm
tuesday, january 20 at 7pm
saturday, january 24 at 7pm
$18 click here for tickets:

william bell
by alejandro morales
directed by scott ebersold

julian stetkevych
david grimm
michael tisdale

assistant director: laura pestronk
sets: alejandro morales and scott ebersold
costumes: kate rusek
sound: ryan maeker
fight choreography: lisa kopitsky

image courtesy of robert schatz

note: william bell runs 30 minutes and will be presented with the first lowering by laura livingston

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