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The Lounge Series 2010 starts off with Kari Bentley Quinn’s UNBLESSED

Please join us at Jimmy’s 43 to raise a glass, share some food and hear a new play at our first Lounge Series event of 2010.

The Lounge Series: No. 1
a staged reading of a new play by Kari Bentley-Quinn*
directed by Laura Pestronk*

In small town Nebraska, a young woman named Jenny shows up at the doorstep of her estranged best friend Tina after she was drugged and raped by someone who offered her a ride home from work. When Jenny is denied emergency contraception by a pharmacist for religious reasons, the consequences affect both the women’s lives more than either of them bargained for.

Unblessedwas written over the last year and workshopped at our monthly Pack meetings.  We are so excited to share it with you and hear what you think.

Featuring:  Gayton Scott*, Kat Garson, Polly Lee*, Gerald Kimble, Mark Watson, Christina Shipp* and Julian Stetkevych*.

Tuesday, January 12
7:00 PM

Jimmy’s 43
43 East 7th Street

Food wine and beer are available.  We hope to see you there!

For reservationsplease email

*indicates Pack Member


Packawallop welcomes “The Pack” 2009-2010

In a continuing effort to better serve or community of artists, last year Packawallop formed a new ensemble group called “The Pack”.

We gathered together a select group of talented theater and film artists who met once a month to share work, explore new ideas and share their experiences with fellow Pack members.

This proved very a successful and valuable resource to all its members and because of this we gathered together another group to form “The Pack” for the 2009-2010.

Packawallop is proud to welcome the following to “The Pack” 2009-2010. Our first meeting will be Monday, August 14th.

Michele Aldin, Isaac Butler, Tom Caruso, Drew Cortese, Anton Dudley, Neil Hellegers, Birgit Huppuch, Matthew Nichols, Wendy Seyb, Christina Shipp, Daniel Talbot, Travis York, Jeff Beihl, Britney Burgess, Scott Ebersold, Kyle Fox, Christina Gorman, Zabryna Guevara, Drew Hirshfield, Joanna Howard, Simon Kendall, Polly Lee, Sevrin Mason, Alejandro Morales, Ashley Morris, Susan Louise O’Connor, Gayton Scott, Julian Stetkevych, Pia Wilson, Josh Sohn, Crystal Skillman, Joan Rosenfels, Michael Tisdale, Adam Szymkowicz, Michael Frederic, Kari Bentley-Quinn.

If you are interested in joining the pack please contact Laura Pestronk or Kyle Fox at


Packawallop seeking positions for upcoming workshop

Packawallop Productions is seeking 2 positions for its upcoming mulit-media workshop production of “marea”. The tech and public presentations will run over one week – November 30-December 6. Pre-production will begin in September.

1. A Technical Director: The TD will be responsible for the smooth application of all technical elements of the production, organizing and implementing the set build, load-in, and strike as well as being the point person for communication between the venue and all technical aspects of the production. As this is off-off-broadway, the budget is modest but there is a fee. It is a great resume and networking opportunity for an up-and-coming TD.

2. Production Stage Manager

3. Stage Manager

Please send a cover letter and resume to, and indicate which position you are interested in.

Please pass this along to anyone you think might be interested.


The Lounge Series – Adam Szymkowicz’s Elsewhere

Packawallop Productions is proud to kick off The Lounge Series.

Lounge Logo

The Lounge Series is a program of new works of film and theater presented throughout the year in the style you’ve come to expect from Packawallop – stylish, sassy … and, naturally, with some cocktails.

Please join us at our first Lounge on Monday April 20th where we will present Adam Szymkowicz’s new play “Elsewhere” which was specially written for Packawallop Community Artists Susan Louise O’Connor, Polly Lee and Travis York. It will be directed by Scott Ebersold.

“When Teddy comes to Celia’s house to deliver a package, he doesn’t expect to be invited for dinner. When he comes to dinner, he doesn’t expect to be invited to live there. When he starts to live there, he doesn’t expect to be drugged or buried. And he certainly doesn’t expect Amanda, nor she him. A play about the unexpected, unearthed and elsewhere.”

Reservations are essential, please email to secure a seat.

We look forward to seeing you there!



Happy Holidays from Packwallop!

Polly, Alex, Scott & Susan

Polly, Alex, Scott & Susan














An exciting winter is shaping up at Packawallop!


  • We will be holding our second Town Hall Meeting for all Packawallop associated “Community Artists” on Sunday, December 14 at 11:30.  At our last meeting a desire to create an ongoing artistic forum was expressed and work has begun on planning the Packawallop Salo(o)n Series.

    Email for more details on the Town Hall.


  • The first Packawallop Salo(o)n will be the screening of the film The Moment in late January.  The Moment reunited many of the artist that brought you the critically acclaimed hit play Nerve including Adam Szymkowicz (writer), Scott Ebersold (director), Susan Louise O’Connor (actor) and Ryan Maeker (designer)

    Check back here soon for the exact date and time.


  • Alejandro Morales has been developing a new piece at The Public Theater’s Emerging Writer’s Group called William Bell.  The play was inspired by Melville’s Billy Budd and will be presented in January at the Metropolitan Playhouse as part of the Melville Festival, directed by Scott Ebersold featuring David Grimm, Michael Tisdale and Julian Stetkevych.

    Friday, January 16 at 10pm
    Sunday, January 18 at 1pm
    Wednesday, January 21 at 7pm
    Saturday, January 24 at 7pm


    Click here for tickets:

About Packawallop Productions

Packawallop Productions is a non-profit theater and film production company. At the heart of Packawallop’s values is a belief that the conventions inherent in theater and film reveal truths about the nature of human relations, especially when dealing with issues of sexuality, gender and culture. Packawallop is an artistic home for artists who want to create new productions via a rigorous aesthetic investigation of the media of theater and film. It is also a home for audiences who wish to explore these issues in exciting and surprising ways. Both the artists and audiences involved with the work will make discoveries about themselves and the world around them as a result. We consider our audience as part of our collaborative community and we treat each show as an extended cocktail party.

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