Packawallop welcomes “The Pack” 2009-2010

In a continuing effort to better serve or community of artists, last year Packawallop formed a new ensemble group called “The Pack”.

We gathered together a select group of talented theater and film artists who met once a month to share work, explore new ideas and share their experiences with fellow Pack members.

This proved very a successful and valuable resource to all its members and because of this we gathered together another group to form “The Pack” for the 2009-2010.

Packawallop is proud to welcome the following to “The Pack” 2009-2010. Our first meeting will be Monday, August 14th.

Michele Aldin, Isaac Butler, Tom Caruso, Drew Cortese, Anton Dudley, Neil Hellegers, Birgit Huppuch, Matthew Nichols, Wendy Seyb, Christina Shipp, Daniel Talbot, Travis York, Jeff Beihl, Britney Burgess, Scott Ebersold, Kyle Fox, Christina Gorman, Zabryna Guevara, Drew Hirshfield, Joanna Howard, Simon Kendall, Polly Lee, Sevrin Mason, Alejandro Morales, Ashley Morris, Susan Louise O’Connor, Gayton Scott, Julian Stetkevych, Pia Wilson, Josh Sohn, Crystal Skillman, Joan Rosenfels, Michael Tisdale, Adam Szymkowicz, Michael Frederic, Kari Bentley-Quinn.

If you are interested in joining the pack please contact Laura Pestronk or Kyle Fox at packleaders@packawallop.org


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Packawallop Productions is a non-profit theater and film production company. At the heart of Packawallop’s values is a belief that the conventions inherent in theater and film reveal truths about the nature of human relations, especially when dealing with issues of sexuality, gender and culture. Packawallop is an artistic home for artists who want to create new productions via a rigorous aesthetic investigation of the media of theater and film. It is also a home for audiences who wish to explore these issues in exciting and surprising ways. Both the artists and audiences involved with the work will make discoveries about themselves and the world around them as a result. We consider our audience as part of our collaborative community and we treat each show as an extended cocktail party.

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