Artistic Community Members Susan Louise O’Connor and Ryan Maeker Hate All Their Friends

Amy Staats and Susan Louise O\'Connor

While the rest of the fabulous folks are working on the october crisis, I’ve been working on the new play, What To Do When You Hate All Your Friends. It’s written by Larry Kunofsky and directed by Jacob Krueger and stars me (Susan Louise O’Connor), Todd D’Amour, Carrie Keranen, Josh Lefkowitz and Amy Staats. It’s REALLY REALLY funny. I play a myriad of different characters, which I love because you can never be too many people right?  Also, Packawallop Artistic Community Member (and my fellow Innovative Theater Award Winner) Ryan Maeker is the sound designer on the show!

We’re having a benefit party on July 13th that is actually a super deal. $25 gets you free beer, party games and a free ticket to all of our July performances. Plus if you bring a gift to re-gift (ex. bath salts from X-mas ’05), you get a free raffle ticket for a chance to win a week at a Victorian Mansion at the Jersey Shore. How freakin awesome would that be?! The party starts at 6:30pm at Playwright’s Tavern – 202 West 49 Street between Broadway & 7 Avenue.

What the play is about: Set in a world of secret hottub parties, craigslist hookups, and the myriad of ways people try to control intimacy by keeping it away, this edgy and witty new comedy looks at how romance and friendship works – or doesn’t work – in the way we live now. (how it’s hard to talk and easier to text)

When and Where: July 19 through August 9 at The Lion Theatre on Theatre Row, located at 410 West 42 Street between 9 & 10 Avenues in NYC

Lots more information at http://www.hateallyourfriends.com

Hope to see you soon!



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